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It is not easy to find Chemin de Fer at online casino sites like เว็บตรง ts911. Its association with James Bond, the fictional character, made it famous. Several Bond films, especially Casino Royale, featured this game. Some people play this game because of the movie.

The name

Chemin de fer is a Baccarat variation that first appeared back in the 19th century. The name came from the French term for the railway, the fastest way of transport back then. That is because this version is quicker than the traditional Baccarat. Up to now, it is still the most popular Baccarat variation in France.

The start

This type of Baccarat uses six decks of cards shuffled together. Players can sit in any order, usually around an oval table. Discarded cards go towards the center. The game begins to the right of the Dealer or Croupier. The other players, called Punters, take their turn counterclockwise. 

online casino games

The game

The game starts when the Croupier deals. The position of Croupier changes and passes counterclockwise during the game. In every round, Croupier wagers the amount he wants to bet, and the Punters, in order, have to decide if they will go bank. It means they have to play against the current bank with a matching wager. Only one player can do this, and in case no one goes bank, Punters make their bets in order. If the total wager is higher than the Croupier, the Croupier can choose to increase his or her wager as well to match. If the Croupier does not want to match, there will be a removal of excess bets. That is after following reverse play order.

The Croupier deals four cards facing down. That is two for himself and the other two cards held in common by the remaining Punters. The Punter with the highest wager represents the group of non-Croupier players. The Croupier and Punter look at their hands. If the hand is 9 or 8, he or she should announce it, and they will turn both hands face-up to compare.

If neither of them has 8 or 9, Punters can choose to accept or refuse a third card. If Punter received, the Croupier gives the third card facing up. The Croupier can also decide to accept or decline the third card.

If the Punter’s hand is higher than the banker’s hand, each betting Punter gets their wagers back. They also get an equal amount from the Croupier. After that, the Croupier position passes to the next player in order. If the Croupier’s hand wins, the Croupier gets all the other players’ wagers. In case of a tie, the bet remains as it was for the next hand.