Lucky rituals to increase the odds of good results have been observed and recorded back to early man. Tribal dances and various kinds of ceremonies were performed to attract the favor of the Gods since ancient times. While most of these ritual superstitions are gone, there are still a lot of people who follow the traces of the old ways when they play at land-based casinos or even online. Certainly, most players know that hitting the big stake is a matter of chance. Some players even resort to some fascinating and sometimes weird rituals of their own as they play to guarantee good luck. Here are a few to mention:

Pre-Game Rituals

Many players check their horoscopes before they head out for a trip to the casino or play their favorite casino game online. but whether or not favorable luck can really be foretold in the stars, it is still considered a ‘guess’. Biorhythms are also consulted before hitting the slots or the tables—and again, it’s not the sort of science that’s totally scientific.

Some players try to attract good luck with putting on the so-called “lucky” clothing or jewelry that they always wear while playing casino. Nearly anything can become a lucky ritual and tradition—even a toy.

Goodluck Charms

Having a lucky charm is another known ritual that players do to pull in positive vibes and attract good luck. Some players prefer to display their trinkets while some want them hidden. Some poker players often use these lucky charms as card protectors in the belief that this strategy disguises their actual purpose at the table.

Stuffed toys were also used as lucky charms. Some people even believe that their girlfriends or boyfriends are their lucky charms, so they bring them to casinos or ask to stay with them when they play online.

Wishes and Prayers

Maybe the most widely recognized lucky ritual is tossing a coin into a fountain or a koi pond. These “wishing wells” are, in fact, good luck for the land-based casinos than the players. Casinos nets tons of money each year from players who believe tossing a coin can bring them good karma as long as they make a wish while tossing it.

While some do believe in wishes, other players believe in the power of prayer. It’s normal to see players holding rosary beads and crucifixes in one hand, while they press the spin button with the other. Some even speak prayer out loud.


Make Your Own Luck

There’s definitely no proof that lucky charms, clothes, jewelry, or stuffed toys can affect luck when playing casino games. However, people who feel lucky seem to have a much more pleasant life wherever they go and whatever they do. If carrying a lucky charm or performing a ritual while you play your favorite casino games makes you feel good, then do it. Do you feel lucky today? Why not try your luck at 918kiss and play online slots gaming. Click this link 918kiss download apk to download.