Online casinos managed to gain millions of fans across the globe. With so many online casinos today, players consider a lot of factors when choosing where to play. These include games and bonuses offered, customer support, and quality of experience provided. Players also pay attention to licensing, a key aspect in selecting a situs Judi online. It is best to look for casinos approved and licensed by reputable authorities. They ensure the safety and security of players. Each region is under a separate body that regulates and issues licenses. For the Caribbean, it has three online gaming regulators and licensing bodies.

Antigua Division of Gaming

The nation of Antigua and Barbuda plays a crucial role in the history of internet gambling. It was part of a major dispute over the structure of the gambling industry in the US. The nation was able to let the World Trade Organization issue a $3.4 million claim in Antigua’s favor. It argued in 2007 that the US violated the General Agreement on Trade Services. It was when the US passed anti-online gambling laws. The ADG became popular with operators for its history of standing up for the industry. Aside from that, it offers little taxation. It also does not restrict companies where they can offer their games. That is very unlike other regulators and licensing bodies.

Curacao Internet Gambling Association

Online gambling has been in existence in Curacao since 1993 but the CIGA only started in 2002. Plenty of operators choose the CIGA because of its low corporate tax rates and lack of gaming taxes. It also has very few restrictions on where operators can offer their games. Operators should stay out of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Departamento di Asuntonan di Casino

More known as DAC, it is a governmental authority regulating online gambling in Aruba. It is part of the Ministry of Justice, Security, and Integration. The DAC has responsibility for both land-based and online betting. It has the same restrictions as the CIGA. Casinos based in Aruba are not allowed to market their games to the Netherlands. They can offer all the games to other parts of the world except there.

The Caribbean’s charm is undeniable. It has fantastic tropical paradises that attract plenty of tourists. These tourists often look forward to online gambling while enjoying the wonderful Caribbean. Online gambling is legal in several parts of the Caribbean. More and more in the region are beginning to legalize online gambling.