The Basics On How To Play Bandar Q Online

Online card games are one of the most popular types of gambling games that is very familiar in Indonesia. It ha

s been proven by the majority of the bettors that the game is worth the investment. If you spend money to deposit for the game, you can get a good profit from it. BandarQ is another form of card games that keep players addicted. It is not that familiar before, but not this time. A lot of gamers have enjoyed it, and most of them are profiting. They have started to master and gain profit from it by winning more real money. When compared to the other types of online card gambling games, this game is very different.

The basics and guide

Beginners must ready themselves if curious to know about the online BandarQ gambling game. There are basics that a player must learn and understand to play this type of card game. For novice players, you need to understand the basics before betting with real money. Each table can have 2-8 players; 7 players will be the player and 1 player will be the dealer. 2 cards are dealt with each bettor and they must come up with a value of 9. Anyone of the players and bookies who can get the combination of cards with the highest value which is 9 is declared as the winner.


Become the winner

Determining the winner in the game is done through various stages. Here are the following stages that you need to go through:

  1. Once the dealer holds the greater combination of cards than the player, the dealer can withdraw the bet of the player.
  2. Once the player has the greater combination of cards than the dealer, a commission is received by the player according to the bet.
  3. The dealer will be declared as the winner if he/she holds more card combinations.
  4. The dealer can withdraw the player bets once the dealer holds the combinations of 9 cards,
  5. The dealer should pay twice the bet once the player holds the combination of more than 9 cards.

If other players think that playing this type of card game can be played by luck, then it is possible. Players can also rely on luck when playing the game. There is no need for you to get confused if you can play and win the online betting game.  There are explanations for all of you on how to play the game by relying on luck.