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            When you’re playing a game or doing anything have you ever thought that it was against the law?  If you haven’t maybe it’s time to start considering it, but you have to remember that not everything is against the law. Laws can sometimes be placed for the most unnecessary reasons and the most valid reasons too. If you take Judi poker in Indonesia, you may have to think again before playing a game of poker. Or else you may have to spend some time in jail.

Why was gambling banned?

            Gambling was running through the markets like it was nothing, it is said to generate over $80bn over the next few years in Asia, but with these figures Indonesia didn’t budge. They wanted to keep the ban on online gambling due to a couple of reasons. First of all it was because of the billions that were being spent, some were even selling their houses, which was not something the government agreed on. Another reason was due to the Islamic Law, where it strictly prohibited it. This was one of the main reasons to drive out online gambling. Indonesia being a conservative country, they felt as if it would be doing the culture and traditions wrong, and sacrificing their country to trends. The government of Indonesia did not want this.

Online Poker

What ways are they stopping it?

            The government has a number of ways to stop consumers from gambling by taking definitive measures. Their main aim is to collect all of their resources and tackle the gambling problem in different fonts. But this would take time as they would have to wait. It is an effective measure when considering the long term. But for now they are teaming up with the communications and IT ministry that they will take a technological standpoint by aiming to block the citizens for accessing online gambling sites altogether. This is a good measure when considering the short term. The government would have to come up with more ways to prevent Judi poker as many people can break through these.

Are there loopholes?

            Yes! Yes there are loopholes as if you couldn’t tell by now. Even though it is illegal to gamble what so ever it is still being done. Citizens are being blocked from using gambling sites, but that won’t stop them. If one person figures out a way to override the system then they can easily access it and allow others to join into. VPNs are also a popular method used by many, it allows users to go undetected, which is great as they won’t get caught. So no matter how many rules the government issues, there will always be loopholes.