Online Gambling Games

You will discover in this article the top advantage of online casinos compared to land-based casinos; we are obviously talking about the casino bonus. This promotion which will bring money to the player so that he can play the games offered easily. Click here for 카지노사이트.

This amount of money can be credited after the player has made a deposit, this is called a deposit bonus, or it can be given to the player directly in his account without expecting anything in return, then we talk about a free bonus.Visit this site for 카지노사이트.

For you, we will identify all these types of bonuses and describe them to you so that you can recognize them on your next visit to the casino.

Bonuses with deposit

There are many kinds. These casino bonuses must be activated before you make your deposit. Once this last done, then the sum will be credited to your balance. We can therefore find:

The welcome bonus

It is a bonus that we should take advantage of, because it is for free and you get it when you first go to an online casino. It allows casinos to attract their players. It sometimes reaches 300% in some casinos, which will allow you in other words to triple your initial deposit.

The reload bonus

After using your welcome bonus, if the system suits you, then you can take advantage of a promotion for each deposit you make. The rate is obviously lower but still remains attractive, up to 100% sometimes.

Online Gambling Games

Free bonuses

There are several kinds of free bonuses and you have to learn to spot them because it is always a good thing to use them because they do not commit you to anything because you have no deposit to make. You even have everything to gain. Here is the type of free bonus you can find in an online casino:

The loyalty bonuses

Casinos know how to recognize good players, those who play regularly on their site or bet large sums. If you meet one of these criteria, then you have your chances to enter the prestigious VIP club of your casino where you will receive free bonuses, often a percentage of your monthly expenses.

Referral bonuses

If you can convince one of your friends to register on the site and make a deposit, then your persuasiveness can pay off. You will receive a free sum for this action, often 25 € to play everywhere in the casino.

Birthday bonuses

If it’s your birthday, then do not hesitate to ask for a bonus at the casino, it can simply credit you with a small gift, a gesture that is always a pleasure.